you are the talent, we take care of your publicity. 

As a brand owner and designer, you understand the importance of advertising your business to potential customers and fans. Creating online pages is good, posting regularly is great. But why invest so much on quality posts and videos if nobody sees them ? 

Promoting your brand shouldn't be overwhelming. You don’t have time to do everything at once and check your campaigns twice per day. That's when Elise comes in. Elise would take care of running your promotions and building your community on your profiles. We will also be able to test new and different marketing channels of your choice to see which works best for you. We will handle your reputation management, by building the community of fans behind your products and designs, and advertise them to generate leads. The goal is to have you earn more from our advertising efforts than you are spending with Elise.


  • Focus on running your brand, let Elise advertise for you
  • Focus on posting on social media, Elise promotes your profile and posts - No headaches
  • Save time by having your publicist handle your advertising campaigns and daily optimization
  • Test new ideas without stress, we handle the implementation and optimization
  • Fixed publicity budget month after month, no overspending and mistakes
  • Constant campaign optimization, to reduce our cost-per-conversion
  • A dedicated publicist here to listen and discuss our future moves with you