Pick your budget and objective

At Elise's, we work on a goal basis. You will pick your monthly objectives and budget, and it is our role to optimize and manage that budget efficiently in order to over-deliver. To keep it fair, all our prices and estimates are on our website, and we will provide you with a tested estimated reach for custom quotes. There is no extra of hidden fees, we will manage everything promised within your budget. 

Your Elise Budget includes everything from social media management, advertising, ad creations, article writing and distribution.

Pick your channels

Following your signing up with Elise Publicist, you will choose the online channels you wish to promote. You will be able to add your social media accounts after signing up to our services. 


At Elise, we work in 2 phases, phase one will be to build your communication profile (~1 week) which includes your advertisements, articles and branding tone.

Phase two consists in advertising your profile on your marketing channels (social media, paid advert, press, blog...). All our services are all inclusive, you are free to try any new channel or ideas you have.

Based on your objective, we will manage your publicity in different ways. You will have an assign publicist with whom you can communicate at anytime. They usually even respond during week-ends, and are very passionate about their work.


Following our publicity work comes your report. You will receive your monthly report at the end of the billing cycle, which will include your stats and list of our work for the past 30 days.

From there we will study your results, and agree whether we need to continue working on the same plan, or draft a new one for the coming month.